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Office Hours
Monday - Friday 
10 am  - 4 pm

Horas de Oficina
Lunes a Viernes 
10 am - 4 pm

 Deacon and Father are available by appointment only

Por  favor de hacer cita para hablar con el Diacono o el Padre

Parish office Phone Number 


Religious Education Phone Number



Secretary: Linda Robledo

Religious Education Office: Aurora Ramirez

To volunteer at our church please visit our Diocese Web Page and fill out a "New Volunteer Form" using This EnglishLink or Spanish Link.

We are always looking for people who would like to join 

one of our organizations. The following is a list of organizations 

that are active in our parish. If you would like to join give us a call, 

send us an email or fill out our volunteer form. 

We appreciate your help.

  1. Choirs(4)
  2. P.R.E.P
  3. Altar Boys/Girls
  4. Altar Society
  5. Divina Misericordia
  6. Youth Group
  7. Matachines
  8. Ushers
  9. Senaculo
  10. CRHP
  11. Society of St. Vincent de Paul